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Greer Images is the leading provider of aerial photography in Kentucky. We combine technical expertise and creativity to get your property sold.

How It Works

The process is quick and easy: during your consultation, we will ask you a few questions, then we get to work photographing your property. After filming, the media is emailed to you within 48 hours.

  1. Map with pin
    1. Send property details

    Send us basic information about your property, including any features of the listing that you would like to be highlighted.

  2. Picture of landscape Animated drone hovering over background picture of landscape
    2. We film your property

    On the scheduled day, we arrive to film. The process takes approximately one hour; no contact or direct property access is required.

  3. Images being downloaded into a folder
    3. Download your files

    You receive a link from us to download your photos and videos. Use them in your marketing materials and get your property sold!

What You Get

Our most popular package offers a video between 1-2 minutes in length and 15+ high-resolution photographs.

TV screen showing video with 3D rendered property lines

Video (With Property Lines)

We utilize three-dimensional graphics to highlight property boundaries, showing buyers exactly what is available while complementing the land's geography and natural features.

Videos are produced in 4K UHD (Ultra High-Definition) and professionally edited to licensed music. Title graphics are included to provide more information, and your corporate logo and contact details maximize your brand exposure.

  • 4K UltraHD resolution
  • 3D rendered property lines
  • Google Earth satellite image title screen
  • Informative title graphics
  • Company logo in bottom left corner
  • Phone number, contact details, and agent photograph or corporate logo on end screen
Bundle of property landscape pictures

High-Resolution Photos

Our high-resolution photography is color-graded using industry standard software for a unique, eye-catching appearance. Property boundary lines are included on three images at no additional charge, and every image is watermarked with your logo.

Image files are provided at a full 12 megapixels and can be used on websites or in printed materials.

  • 15+ high-resolution photographs
  • Professionally edited and color-corrected
  • Rendered property lines on 3 photos
  • Logo watermark (non-watermarked images are also provided)
  • 12 megapixel resolution

See Our Work

Watch a sample video below for an example of a complete property video we delivered to a recent client.

As with all of our videos, it includes animated mapping imagery, three-dimensionally rendered property boundary lines, informative titles, and the client's logo and contact information.

Visit our YouTube channel for more videos.

Three images with property lines are included in every photo package, along with at least 15 other images taken at various angles and altitudes.

Click any image to view in full resolution.

FAA Commercial Drone Flight Certification

Greer Images is fully certified for commercial flights by the Federal Aviation Administration under FAA Part 107 unmanned aircraft regulations.

Safety and compliance with federal regulations is our top priority.

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